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Every new construction activity requires a variety of machines and a dedicated team of professionals to build a new building. One of the important needs of every construction project is earthmoving and quality construction equipment. Quantum Earth Shapers is among the most trusted suppliers of all earthmoving, excavation and construction equipment in Melbourne. With 16+ years of experience in handling numerous projects, our skilled operators and quality equipment help you prepare your site for new construction.

Our Services

These are some of the services that we provide across Melbourne:

1. Site Cuts:

Site cutting is a specialised job that needs to follow the architect or building contractor’s precise specifications. Trust our experienced Bobcat operators to cut your residential or commercial site as per your precise specifications. With our excavators, loaders, and trucks, the site is cut, and the debris is removed in the fastest timeframe.

2. Site Cleaning:

You cannot start new construction on a site with debris, old structure, wild bushes, or littered rocks & bricks. The necessity for every new construction activity is a clean site. With our heavy-duty earthmoving equipment, we can clean any site and make it construction-ready in a short timeframe. This helps in sticking to your construction schedule. This means that there are fewer chances of extra costs due to delays.

3. Base Preparation:

Quantum Earth Shapers’ skilled professionals get your site’s base prepared for construction of the new building or house. Concrete slabs are popular base preparation, as opposed to erecting a building on stumps. We work closely with your construction team to understand the requirements for base preparation. Our heavy-duty construction equipment is used for earthmoving, loading and site preparing operations.

4. Excavation:

With our earthmoving equipment on hire, you can get excavation done at your construction site as per the decided schedule. The methodical excavation helps in the construction of the underground floor, basement or laying of foundation – as per the site requirement. Our excavators hire services are available with trained operators for all kinds of excavation work.

5. Soil & rock Removal:

Soil and rock removal helps in various construction activities, like preparing the site for new construction, building a basement, creek repairing etc. The build-up of unwanted soil hampers the new construction. Not only does the loose soil make the ground uneven but can also weaken the foundation of a new building. Our qualified team of professionals uses bobcats and construction equipment for the removal of soil.

6. Cemented Retaining Walls:

Get cemented retaining walls build at any property with our bobcats handled by skilled operators. The cemented walls hold back the soil that would otherwise freely fall on the property. These cemented retaining walls are much more durable and effective than free-standing walls.

What makes us different?

Quantum Earth Shapers is committed to bringing a high-quality, professional approach and transparency to all its projects. We offer:

• Wide range of construction equipment
• Honest & transparent billing
• End to end services
• Benchmark industry standards adherence
• Timeline commitment
• Latest techniques
• Technical expertise and know-how for every type of project

Why choose us?

Quantum Earth Shapers provide you with experienced Bobcat operators, specialised construction and excavation equipment along with best trade practices. We have a variety of earthmoving equipment on hire to suit your requirements, such as:

• Bobcats
• Excavators
• Dozers
• Dumping Trucks

These are some of the reasons that have made us the preferred service provider for Bobcat hire in Melbourne:

• Full range of services
• On-time project completion
• Hourly or package deals
• Affordability
• Skilled operators

Hire a Bobcat today!

For all your construction equipment hire needs in Melbourne, contact Quantum Earth Shapers, leaders in earthmoving equipment and services. Save the hassle of hiring expensive, heavy equipment, learning to use it and then cleaning and returning it on pre-scheduled time. Construction equipment with trained operators ready to do any earthmoving job at your site is just a call away. Call us on 0434 287 462 to speak to our experts for bookings, queries or to discuss your project.


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