Bobcat Hire & Bobcat Rental Service in Melton

Bobcats are versatile machines that are extensively used in construction activity, in Melton and other suburbs of Melbourne. They help prepare the site for construction by demolishing old structures and cleaning the site. Quantum Earth Shapers is the top bobcat rental provider in Melton with Bobcats and other construction machinery available on an hourly, daily or package basis. We provide all types of Bobcats at affordable prices. These can be used for digging, land moving, landscaping, soil moving, demolition & grubbing and excavation purposes at your construction site.

What can Bobcat Machines do?

Given their compact size and power-packed performance, Bobcats are in constant demand at residential and commercial construction sites. Here are the various ways you can use a mini bobcat hired for your site:

Digging holes: One of the primary requirements at any construction site is to dig holes. These can be to build a new swimming pool or for installing gas, sewer, and utility pipes among other things. Hire Bobcats that come with digging attachments for digging holes on the site as per your requirement.

Cleaning out trees: Bobcat skit loaders can also be hired to clean out the trees at any construction site or for landscaping around the house. Its compact size helps in becoming useful in any restricted space with ease.

Backfilling the foundation walls: Another common use of the Bobcats is for backfilling the foundation walls while constructing a new building. They can easily move soil and are essential earthmoving equipment.

Moving dirt: They can be used for moving dirt accumulated during the construction process. This poses a health hazard for construction workers and neighbours alike. This continuous requirement at the site is met by a Bobcat which can be hired and deployed.

Heavy grading & light grading jobs: You can also make use of the Bobcat service for a variety of heavy grading & light grading jobs at your site. These include building a track for the movement of trucks, construction equipment, removing debris, demolition etc. Moreover, they can also help in the clearing of old structures and removal of tree stumps, bushes etc.

Site Clean, Site Cuts & Preparation for Construction in Melton

Bobcats or skid steers are also used for various operations such as site cleaning, site cutting and preparation of the construction site. This is a basic and essential requirement before commencing any new construction.

What is a Site Cut Excavation?

The construction site is excavated to the desired depth using site cut excavators. This site needs to be cut before the laying of the foundation or slabs. This process is carried out by site cut excavation machines which are operated by site cuts specialists. The topsoil is cut as per the specifications of the builder or architect and after the completion of work, the soil is added back. This is a commonly used cut and cover technique which are used while building stations or basements of large commercial buildings.

What is included in Construction Site Cleaning?

Building site cleaning is among the most common task that Bobcats are used for. You cannot start any new construction until the site is cleared of old structures, debris and all kind of wild bushes, stones, and rock. As the leading provider of Bobcats and other construction equipment, Quantum Earth Shapers clears the site by demolishing the old structure and cleaning the site to make it construction ready.

What is a Site Preparation Contractor?

You need a site preparation contractor for various on-site work like demolition of old structures, clearing of the building site, wire mapping, site surveying and various underground services. The site preparation contractor is entrusted with the task of preparing the site, having it construction ready.